The Rise Of Mexican Broadcasting Companies

Mexico is home to 127 million people, and entertainment means big business whenever you are in Mexico. Media companies are facing each other to deliver the best programs with the highest ratings, and they are eager to produce quality programs which can be broadcasted internationally. Media companies are channeling their programs through the use of radio, television, and most recently, the internet. For journalists, their major platforms would be the newspaper and the internet, along with the classics like radio and television. There are a number of broadcasting companies and networks in Mexico, and they often team up with other media companies like publishing houses, dubbing corporations and radio networks to provide the best customer service.

The number of media companies and television networks in Mexico has grown throughout the years, but some of the most established are still present, dominating the industry. The biggest of them all is Televisa, known for producing programs that has reached phenomenal level and has been broadcasted all over the world. They are responsible for the spread of Mexican influence as far as South East Asia, where their programs are well received by audiences and usually gaining high ratings. Other big media companies in Mexico are TV Azteca and Grupo Imagen, and along with Televisa, they host a number of local channels being broadcasted throughout Mexico without the help of cable satellite. As the technology improves, these media companies are also adapting to change, improving their signals as years go by. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is also a key figure in transforming the way Televisa is performing. Through his expertise in the financial aspect of Televisa, it is now seen to expand further to markets it has never reached before.

Grupo Televisa has stated that they are already gearing towards providing more quality programs to the people of Latin America, and now that they have partnered with Univision and gained access to the US Market, it is expected of them to perform better. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the current chief financial officer of Televisa, and he is responsible for the financial affairs of the company. He oversees how they could gain better profit, and how Televisa could continue to dominate the industry. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is eager and passionate to be one of the main contributors in the success of the company that he is serving.

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