The Software That Perry Mandera Relies On To Run His Company

For over thirty years Perry Mandera has run a North Lake, Illinois firm called The Custom Companies, Inc. This is a business that provides transportation and logistics services to other companies, including everything from small mom and pop operations to Fortune 100 corporations. They are a national provider of these services and use a number of technology solutions in order to operate efficiently and effectively.

The first software package the Perry Mandera uses at his company is called Cheetah Dispatch. This is a software solution that provides his drivers with a host of informational services. They can access package pickup times as well as see proof of delivery documents with the press of a button. Each driver is equipped with a tablet has is tracked via satellite. This means that their customers can see exactly where their delivery driver is and what time the estimate is for when the package will e delivered.

Perry Mandera also uses Warehouse Management System. This gives his company’s customers a way to track where their inventory is at all times. It is an electronic inventories database that pinpoints where the inventory is being stored in real-time.

Finally, Perry Mandera uses Dock Management System. This bit of software removes the need for any physical paperwork as bar codes are assigned to each individual shipment. This enables his company to quickly move freight and reduce delays and errors so that his operation is run efficiently.

Beyond running The Custom Companies, Perry Mandera is also a philanthropist. For instance, he established Custom Cares Charities. This organization those in need in a variety of ways. During the holidays this nonprofit (it is a registered 510(c)(3) organization) helps families who can’t afford to buy their children gifts for Christmas. He hands out thousands of dollars to families like this so that the parents and children can enjoy the holidays and have toys under the Christmas Tree (

A number of times Perry Mandera has also helped out in the aftermath of natural disasters. When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, for example, he had 40 of his trucks loaded with needed supplies. They delivered these supplies, plus food, to citizens that had lost everything.

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