Why Potential Investors Should Subscribe To Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Newsletter

Although many investment experts exist in the American society, few of them match up to Paul Mampilly’s investment prowess. Unlike many investment experts who focus on Wall Street, Mampilly values ordinary (main street) Americans.

Recently, Mampilly in partnership with Banyan Hill Publishing launched Profits Unlimited, an investment newsletter. At present, the publication has over 90,000 annual subscribers. The newsletter is experiencing a growth while many investment newsletters are going through a downturn. The newsletter’s success can be attributed to Mampilly’s well-researched purchase recommendations and insightful columns.

Profits Unlimited target Americans in need of simple but workable investment options. The publication furnishes its subscribers with weekly and monthly issues. Subscribers of the newsletter are able to access Mampilly’s model portfolio that offers a selection of shares that he plans to purchase in a given month or a year. Also, the model portfolio provides information about various market sectors that are experiencing exponential growth.

For example, following an in-depth research, Mampilly recommends that his audience should consider investing in Bitcoin, the internet of things (IoT), precision medicine, electric automobiles, and food delivery systems. Also, trends driven by millennials who are health and socially conscious are likely to be lucrative. Mampilly’s audience should rest assured that whatever advice he dispenses is practical as he spends over 70 hours researching and writing about an investment option.

Mampilly is a hands-on financial expert. Apart from dispensing advice, Mampilly has made numerous investments that turned out well. For example, when he participated in an investment competition sponsored by John Templeton Foundation, he quickly turned $50 million to $88 million. Eventually, he emerged the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation award. Mampilly’s investment style resembles John Templeton’s. Mampilly purchase shares from companies when their stock prices are so low that other investors are shying away from them. When such companies recover, Mampilly makes a fortune.

Before retiring—at 42—, Mampilly worked for many organizations. Some of the companies he worked for include Bakers Trust, Deutsche Bank, ING, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Kinetics Asset Management. Mampilly leaves a positive mark in any organization that he works for, for example, when he was a hedge fund manager with Kinetics Asset Management, he grew the company’s assets by a whopping $19 billion; he earned respect from all the financial industry experts.

Mampilly attended Montclair State University for his undergraduate studies and Fordham University for his MBA. Mampilly is an emigrated to America from India when he was 18.

Visit paulmampillyguru.com for more information about Paul Mampilly.

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