Wikipedia’s Expansion into Businesses and Classrooms

Both businesses and classrooms have gotten involved with using Wikipedia. This could be because the site gets millions of views from around the world on a regular basis. The wide array of topics available for research include famous people, scientific discoveries, and historical happenings. The large amount of viewers has made it one of the very first listings that come up when a person enters a subject in a search engine. For this reason, everyone wants to have their own Wikipedia page, but not everyone will be accepted. Wikipedia has very high standards regarding articles. Besides being free from grammatical errors and misspellings, every article must also be completely unbiased and related to subject matter that readers would find interesting.

Wikipedia Business Page Creation

Businesses who want to be featured on Wikipedia have a higher chance of acceptance when they hire a Wikipedia writer get some help from a Wikipedia writing company like “Get Your Wiki“. Their Wikipedia editors for hire┬áhave helped many businesses establish branding and increase their online presence. Many companies are hiring Wiki writers from them to not only write and edit articles for them but to also continuously monitor the articles after they are published on the site and make Wikipedia edits as necessary.

Getting Students Involved

It started when teachers in Sydney saw how little attention students put in to their essays and research papers. Many of the students didn’t even pick their papers up after they were graded. Believing this was due to the fact that no one else besides the teachers ever read them, they decided to make a change. Now, the students write papers for Wikipedia, and they get thousands of comments from viewers, which helps them become more effective writers. This also helps provide the students with helpful criticism and encourages them to spend more time doing necessary research to keep the papers accurate.

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  • Titus Filsaime
    April 4, 2017 - 12:41 pm | Permalink

    This has helped to prevent many catastrophes related to the common vandalization of Wikipedia pages that often occurs. Students are using the site in a less self-promotional way than businesses. It is very important to know that resume help can have much on this on them too.

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